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The fastest way to hit your fitness goals is to increase the intensity of your gym workouts. One scoop of Magna X before you train will give you noticeably more strength, energy & focus as well as increasing your bodies natural production of nitric oxide to make your muscles look bigger and fuller during and after your workout - all hail the mighty pump!

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Which pre-workout is right for you?

Magna X comes in 3 strengths, so you can find the pre-workout thats perfect for you.

Our mid-strength pre-workout contains 200mg caffeine per scoop, it's perfect if you:

  • Train in the afternoon
  • Have a normal caffeine tolerance
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Our lowest strength pre-workout is perfect if you:

  • Train in the evening
  • Are sensitive to caffeine
  • Want to reduce your caffeine intake

Our original, mid-strength pre-workout is perfect if you:

  • Train in the afternoon
  • Have a normal caffeine tolerance
  • Want smooth energy with no crash

Our highest strength pre-workout is perfect if you:

  • Train early in the day
  • Have a high caffeine tolerance
  • Want to power your hardest workouts

We thought it was about time somebody made a proper pre-workout drink for under 60p per scoop.

We were fed up with paying £2 per drink for "premium" pre-workouts full of ineffective ingredients.

So we developed Magna X. A pre-workout drink that only includes the ingredients that you actually notice helping your workout.

Nothing that won't provide a noticeable effect. Nothing under or over dosed. No filler. All killa. 

  • 4G L-Citrulline
  • 2G Malic Acid
  • 2G Taurine
  • 240MG Sodium (as sodium citrate)
  • 100-300MG Caffeine
  • 100-300MG L-Theanine
  • Some natural fruit flavours & colours
  • A little sweetener

Customers are raving about Magna X

Life's too short to drink bad tasting pre-workout

We think the flavour of our products really matters. We use our products ourselves everyday, so we want them to taste really good. 

Pink Raspberry

Take a hike blue raspberry, our pink raspberry flavour is fresh, natural and actually tastes of raspberry, sweet but a bit sharp, it’ll leave you wanting more.

Orange Tings

Our orange flavour tings and tangs in your mouth. We went crazy and instead of making our orange flavour out of chemicals that taste orangey we opted for a flavouring thats made of actual real oranges,

Lemons & Rhymes

There's nothing subtle about our newest flavour. Lemons & Rhymes is bursting with natural citrus flavours that excite your tastebuds with just the right amount of sweetness.

Bigger tubs now available for even better value